Key project

TELECOMSPOL took advantage of the close partnership with PTT Telecom Netherlands and acquired knowledge and experiences that could be used within the offers for the most important client: SPT TELECOM. So that the team of specialists resolved several system projects for SPT TELECOM:

  • CCS 7 Network in the conditions of digitalisation of Czech telecommunications
  • Global model of information processes securing within SPT TELECOM, a.s.
  • Investment control and automatization
  • TOS I I – telephone operators services
  • TAC S 12 – securing of new information on standardized system S 12
  • Project and implementation of wireless local loop
  • VSAT (satellite communications)
  • Introduction of the business mark AT&T at the Czech market
  • Wireless communication system HUGHES GMH 2000
  • Indirect access technology for telecoms´ networks