TELECOMSPOL, spol. s r.o. acts on the telecommunications market since 1991. It was established as a joint venture being equally owned by PTT TELECOM BV Netherlands and Post Office and Telecommunication Board (since January 1994 – SPT TELECOM Praha, a.s.). Assignment of the first Czech republic joined venture telecommunication company was to conduct business especially in the field of development and distribution of telecommunications SW applications, as well as to transfer the Dutch founder´s know-how to the local environment. PTT Telecom Netherlands arranged the training of the staff, equipped the company by the complete technology and provided necessary market related know how. SW and management specialists could practically acquire the skill in the field of information technology systems at PTT Telecom Netherlands and execute successfuly application within SPT TELECOM, a.s.

In short time TELECOMSPOL acquired a credit of a capable, professional staff that is well oriented in the active transfer of the knowledge and practical experience from the environment of the advanced telecommunication operator, implementation of new technologies and introduction of the advanced telecommunications equipment into the Czech market.